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Our products are aimed at a wide range of consumers, from home users who want an improvement in the overall performance of their systems, to professionals in fields that require a lot of processing power, such as video editing, computer graphics and advanced gaming.

RAM quality through technological innovation and our commitment to sustainability, we aim to be the trusted partner in the technological evolution of our customers.

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Our laptop chargers are distinguished by advanced technological features, such as fast charging technology, which minimizes the time required to reach maximum charging capacity, and superior energy efficiency, which helps reduce energy consumption and protect the environment.

The compact design and improved durability make our product an excellent choice for users who want portability without compromising performance or reliability.

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We focus on details ensuring that every user experience is unique and memorable, from revolutionary electronic devices to stylish and functional accessories.


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As CEO of a technology company, choosing NELBO products was one of the best decisions for my team. The performance and reliability of the devices allowed us to improve efficiency and accelerate the development of our projects. Premium design and advanced functionality have perfectly aligned with our high standards, making Nelbo an essential partner in our success.

Eugen M.

Product Manager

In choosing NELBO, we were impressed by their deep commitment to sustainability and how this vision is reflected in their products. The quality of the materials of NELBO devices proves that excellence in design. Our collaboration with them has enabled us to fulfill our corporate commitments to environmental protection, taking an important step towards a more sustainable future.

Cristina L.

UI/UX Designer

We were constantly looking for products that would meet the complex technological needs of our team. NELBO products have exceeded our expectations, providing not only top performance and reliability, but also an exceptional user experience. They have proven that it is possible to combine innovation with an unwavering commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our customers.

Laurentiu B.

Project Manager